concert performance for two vocalists, one also being a recorder player – 2018 – ca.80′

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Vulnus is a collaborative project stemming from the initiative by Irene Sorozábal, with whom I already worked in making «Fors Seulement». The project, again, explores the intersection and connection points between voice and recorder, taking this time the perspective of both of them being «naked instruments», and therefore related to the idea of Vulnerability (hence the title).

The project was commissioned by Gaudeamus to be premiered during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018 and developed in several residency periods. The team of co-creators includes Irene as both singer and recorder player, Georgi Sztojanov as singer and composer, Emese Csornai as the dramaturgical advisor and stage designer, and myself as a composer.

The result is a concert-length performance that steps away from the classical concert setting by placing special attention to space, setting, movement, lighting, and drama.

Part of Vulnus are the (also standalone) pieces «5 unison ètudes», «Two Roses» and «Fluid Armor».