Verloren – Opus Nigrum

for oboe, violin, viola and cello – 2016 – 7′

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para oboe, violin, viola y cello – 2016 – 7′

for oboe, violin, viola and cello – 2016 – 7′

Chorizaquer en castellano.

In this oboe quartet written for the Nieuw Ensemble the energy deployed by the performers (physical energy and sonic energy) is a predominant study concern all over the piece together with those of linearity and relationships within the group. They’re used as main musical material to develop a dramaturgy based on a certain sense of frustration, perhaps expressed through formal fragmentation and that «hardly-ever» attainment of full harmonic sound.

Regarding its title, it has more to do with myself and the composition/decomposition process of the work than with the piece in its final shape, so I’ll omit further detail. May those who have ears to hear, hear.

Premiered by soloists of the Nieuw Ensemble

– Ernest Rombout – Oboe
– Ángel Gimeno – Violin
– Frank Brakkee – Viola
– Jeroen den Herder – Violoncello

Recorded live by ConcertZender at its public tryout in Tilburg.

review (in Dutch)