Tool development project

a personal project

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I’m currently busy in the development of a number of tools that (as a devoted artisan) I feel I have to finally deveop, having re-made and re-conceived them over and over in the course of the last years.

These are not intended to be recipes of any sort, but rather flexible multi-approach devices to help focusing and enhancing my creative and productive processes and output in a mind-attractive way that allows the thing to keep flowing…

These tools I’m working are intended to be solely for my personal use, and therefore are adapted to my ways of understanding and exploring music and my relationship with it… They are in many cases inspired by already existing tools, devices or mechanisms of diverse sort.

Much of it has to do with what I call my «listing disease», which is this special kind of «well-intended» procastination method consisting on listing every possibility of a certain aspect, just to feel overwhelmed by it right afterwards.