The Mesh

for piano, percussion and electronics – 2019 – 8′

English Español

«What is Interdependence?»

With this question starts Timothy Morton his lecture «The Mesh». It is a lecture in three parts I discovered on Youtube, (where the author himself posted it) back in February 2019. When I decided to write this piece for the ensemble Taller Sonoro, I took not only the topic of interdependence but the spoken lecture itself as the time-track that the performers have to follow in order to be guided through the score.

Different «flavors» of interdependence are used throughout the piece, involving not only the human performers, but the score, the amplification, and some other reactive agents. How all they relate to each other and depend on each other IS the final musical outcome.

When I discovered the work of Timothy Morton, I found his visions on ecology remarkably close to mine – the main point being the non-separation of humans from what we came to call «Nature» (I had already devoted my piece «physis-delusion» to this idea). «Many Worlds», for orchestra, is another piece stemming from my reflection on his ecolgical ideas – in that case, the one of imperfect, broken, interpenetrating worlds.


Performance history:

18.11.2019 – Auditorio de la Casa de las Artes, Festival de Música Española (Cádiz) – Ensemble Taller Sonoro