The Gift

for solo voice – 2018 – 3-5′

English Español

Control, submission and power relationships are at the conceptual core of this piece. The score for it gradually allows the performer more and more freedom of choice regarding different layers of the musical fabric, from rhythmic specificities to vocal color, word ordering or pitch.

The gift is a solo piece written within the context of the project Vulnus, but also working as a standalone piece. The voice it was created for is that of Georgi Sztojanov (tenor-countertenor). Its composition followed a set of instructions given by Irene Sorozábal within the frame of the collaborative creation mechanisms devised for Vulnus. Vulnus was commissioned by the Gaudeamus Foundation for the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018


Performance history:

24.11.2018 – Splendor (Amsterdam) – Georgi Sztojanov

14.09.2018 – Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam Fringe Festival – Georgi Sztojanov

13.09.2018 – Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam Fringe Festival – Georgi Sztojanov

10.09.2018 – Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam Fringe Festival – Georgi Sztojanov

07.09.2018 – Theater Kikker, Utrecht. Gaudeamus Muziekweek – Georgi Sztojanov


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