Never Losing Hope

for clarinet, viola and piano – 2016 – 10′

English Español

for clarinet, viola and piano – 2016 – 10′

“Never Losing Hope, written specially for Raquel Pavón Fernández final recital, intends to provide a piece of chamber-playable music without renouncing the structural and textural richness that I normally strive for in, for example, conducted pieces. I love the tidy and tight way of working in rehearsal of Saudade Trio and wanted to take the most out of it. Conceptually the piece evokes the perseverance in overcoming difficulties and the optimism towards the future that Raquel has specially inspired me this year. It also stems from the idea of returning to one’s roots without giving up all what has been gained in the journey – this idea of “never losing hope” embeded in the
beach-inspired passage that closes the piece.”

Premiered by Rita Mendes (cl.) Raquel Pavón (vla.) and Inés Costales (pno.)

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