Many Worlds

for orchestra – 2019 – 10′

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«Many Worlds» explores the inner space of the orchestra as a musical medium itself. It paradoxically seeks dynamic continuity through the constant presence of imbalance, contrast, and non-sequitur. It draws inspiration from the work of Timothy Morton, and it is in a way related to a previous piece of mine, «The Mesh», despite the immense difference in the sonic surface of both pieces.
This piece was written for the Brussels Philharmonic in the framework of [‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum 2019.

Recording of the workshops is available for private distribution. Don’t hesitate to contact me about it.


Performance history:

25.11.19 – Workshops of the piece with the Brussels Philharmonic orchestra conducted by Brad Lubman.


Technical information for orchestras:

Percussion list: Timpani (20’’, 26’’, 29’’, 32’’). Percussion 1 – Snare drum, concert bass drum. Percussion 2 – Marimba (4,5 octaves at least), snare drum, large tamtam,

Other props: Harp – plastic card needed. Piano – plastic card, two soft mallets, and one hard plastic mallet needed.

(alternative options to inside-piano actions are provided on the score).


for the performance materials, please contact me.