Lentitud – Ritmo – Niebla

for flute, bass guitar and voice – 2016 – X’

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for flute, bass guitar and voice – 2016 – X’

“Nothing is simple. Nothing is complex. Nothing is faceless. You
will find many labyrinths, dead-ends, portals and ladders in this
text. But above all, if you are a discerning reader, you will glimpse
Nothing. You cannot give Nothing a face. You cannot articulate
what Nothing is. Nor can we.
This text is a pact. This text is a labor of love. This text is a gift, to

(Tiqqun, The Theory of Bloom, introductory letter)

Program notes:

«At the core of the unbalanced and overwhelming system portrayed in “De Perfecta Machina Necandi” it exists a community if outsiders. This consciousness group rejects the noisiness and the established truths of the surface world and confronts its tendencies by applying the premises stated by the title: slowness, rhythm, fog (translated as “interference” in the English version of Tiqqun’s “L’hypotèse cybernétique”).
The text of the piece comes from writtings by the “invisible committee” and adaptations from texts appearing at the article by Laura L. Finley The lyrics of Rage against the Machine: a study on radical criminology?

My idea comes not from the cagean idea of not-choosing, but, on the other hand, from enhancing the idea of
offering the responsability to choose and agree, withour the push to agree that complexist scores impose.

I advocate for the ideas of chamber music as interaction and pursuit of a common (musical) goal.

The instructions and the whole bunch of performance material for «Lentitud-Ritmo-Niebla» can be downloaded from the links below.


Download L.R.N. instructions

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