…jardin de tu mano

for trumpet and organ – 2012 – 8′

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for trumpet and organ – 2012 – 8′

«…jardin de tu mano» was my contribution to Jose Antonio Page’s all-premiere program in the Sweedish-St.Michael church in Tallinn, in summer 2012.

My first concern was to avoid the fanfare or militar feel that came to my mind every time I thought about music for that sort of duo. I decided to go the other way around, looking for highly calmed music. A frequent point of departure for me at that time, I went to jazz trumpet playing techniques and hammond organ gestures. I came accross Takemitsu’s solo trumpet piece «Paths», and I guess that all that influenced the title of the piece. Also like much of my music at that time, the opening gesture (to which I came by improvisation on the piano) and its varied repetition conform a set of pich classes that will be used all through the piece, in one way or another.

The piece was premiered by José Antonio and Maila Laidna on organ. There were a huge number of problems during the concert, so the recording I got is little more than useless (I know, I should have recorded the general rehearsal, but I didn’t know that back then). José Antonio and Maila promised a new recording, and I’m still waiting for that. It’s going to be awesome, with such a preparation time, I’m sure ^_^.