bar.sax, perc. pno – 2011 – 10′

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for baritone sax, percussion and piano – 2011 – ca.10′

I wrote Ipecacuana driven by the call for scores posted by the now extinct trio «De Magia». The piece, which begun as a pretty abstract piece, took soon its title and imagery from a word repeatedly uttered by my partner, who took it from a videogame…

That brought the piece (a suite in five connected movements) to a sort of amazonic landscape, where the imaginary characters would enter looking for a purgative cure, after which would flee, perhaps from some sort of prosecuting danger. The language of the saxophone was inspired in a way by the playing of J. Coltrane and José Luis Bugatto, who was the baritone sax in my funk band back then, «Fry and the Benders», and who had a real taste to mix pentatonic lines with multiphonics and other «animal-like» sounds.

The piece was never accepted to the call for scores, and never premiered. The snippets of it that can be listened to are the result of a workshop/recording session at the Conservatory of Seville, where I was then studying.