Fors Seulement

recorder and 5 voices – 2016 – 12′

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recorder and 5 voices – 2016 – 12′

Fors Seulement stems out of a project set up by the recorder player Irene Sorozábal, intending to explore the relationship between voice and recorder, and between renaissance repertoire and newly created pieces. Taking the homonym pieces by Ockeghem and Pipelare, different lines of connection are driven in terms of material, processes, diminutions, etc…

The piece, together with «De Perfecta Machina Necandi», involved deep exploration of vocal qualities, specially related in this case to timbral modifications of emision modes through reshaping the abdominal cavity, as well as quick breath manipulation and energy levels, all of them subjects hard to put into words…

The experience of reading from a single stand was a nice one.


Recorder: Irene Sorozábal

Voices: Philip Mellies, Danai Belosinof, Angelo Custodio,  Ondřej Bernovský, André Lourenço.

Vocal coaching: Georgi Ognjanov

picture by Galit Zadok