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2012 – 12′ – orchestra (

Elupuu was my first incursion in the orchestral world and a wealth of experiential learning. I wrote it during my exchange in Tallinn, Estonia, where I could enjoy not only plenty of time to work but also the incredible collection of the library at the E.M.T.A. and complete artistic freedom, under the help and tutelage of Toivo Tulev and Helena Tulve. Elupuu granted me access to the Tactus Young Composers’ Forum 2019 where I was able to work on my second orchestral score, “Many Worlds”.

With Elupuu I strived to find a harmonic language of my own, stemming from functional principles but employing a non- triadic vocabulary.




Orchestra of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater

cond: Toomas Vavilov


Technical information for orchestras:

Percussion list: Timpani. Glockenspiel, vibraphone (with motor), crotales, 2 large suspended cymbals, large cowbell, logdrum, medium woodblock, snare drum, tom-tom (middle), tom-tom (middle-low), 2 large tam tams, bass drum.

The piece includes  actions on the piano strings.

for performance material, please contact me.