calligrapher, ensemble (fl,bsn,pno,el.organ,perc,vln/vla,cb) live electronics, live video – 2014 – 12′

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2013 – 12′ – calligrapher, ensemble (fl,bsn,pno,el.organ,perc,vln/vla,cb) live electronics, live video

Ductus was my first piece involving calligraphy as main musical material and generative idea. Its composition followed many months of research, experiments and reflection. It served as my graduation piece for my degree at the Conservatory of Seville, and I was lucky enough to count with brave performers (unfortunated exceptions) to bring it to life. The sound and video live-processing patch was develope under the guidance and with all the help of Antonio J. Flores.

In performance, the audience is immersed in a quadraphonic experience led by the calligraphy as seen in the live-processed video and as sounding via the four-channel electronics, transforming the hall into a giant «sonic» writting surface.

The piece was premiered by students of the Conservatory of Seville conducted by Juan García Rodríguez in an extraordinary concert of the Zahir Ensemble concert series of 2013. A further, technically improved performance was given by the Kelvin-Helmholtz ensemble at the Composers’ Festival Amsterdam 2015.