Dos cuevas en la linde del bosque

viola, cello and 2 percussionists – 15′

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This is a site-specific piece devised for the hall of the Espacio de Cultura COntemporánea (ECCO) in Cádiz, Spain. The acoustical properties of its architecture are incorporated in the piece since its conception. The two string players are placed in two small cave-like spaces formed underneath the staircase, while the percussionists, moving amont the audience, trigger and interact with the different resonances of the multiple columns of the space (the forest). This columns are found in two «species», so to say: the round-section ones have all except one the same main «pitch»;  the hexagonal-sections ones, despite having all the same shape and height, produce each two different «pitches».

Those acoustical «mysteries» lead to the idea of the forest, understood as archetypal image of «wild» vegetation (and thus opposed to the garden). The inhabitants of the two «caves» perform a very time-and-sound determined music, while the percussion players are instructed to wander, stop and perform in several ways. The audience is just there, standing, listening to the sounds of that particular place of «nature».

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Performance history:

06.07.18 – ECCO (Cádiz) – Raquel Pavón Fernández (vla.), María Ramos (vcl.) Oscar Vías and Guillermo Sánchez de Cos (perc.)