for tenor recorder – 2018 – 5-8′

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In body_just_makes I explore those aspects of the recorder traditionally considered weak points (its tendency to pitch instability and its narrow dynamic range within the ensuing forced stability). I make them become the real strength of the instrument by bringing them to the foreground. The voice, the bodily part of the performer, is here considered an extension of the instrument, rather than the other way around.

body_just_makes explores sounds from the recorder’s own temperament, beyond the traditional temperament it’s supposed to make, expanding the potentialities of that body, together with the body of the performer (fingerings, breathing, vocal utterances).

This piece is one of the standalone pieces stemming from Vulnus, the collaborative performance project ideated by Irene Sorozábal (other such pieces are «The Gift» and the «Five unison études»). Vulnus was commissioned by the Gaudeamus Foundation and premiered during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018.

Performance history:

24.11.2018 – Splendor (Amsterdam) – Irene Sorozábal

14.09.2018 – Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam Fringe Festival – Irene Sorozábal

13.09.2018 – Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam Fringe Festival – Irene Sorozábal

10.09.2018 – Theater Cameleon, Amsterdam Fringe Festival – Irene Sorozábal

07.09.2018 – Theater Kikker, Utrecht. Gaudeamus Muziekweek – Irene Sorozábal

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