for ensemble (12 performers) and tape – 2015 – 6’+6′

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2015 – 6’+6′ – for ensemble ( and tape

“There are secrets that, by being kept, allow us to experiment life and reality in a more enhanced and mysterious way. Thus, aRPHe (capitals intended) is a piece that pursues the enhancement of the musical experience through mystery and secrecy. The 12 components of the ensemble will act twice as guides in this vespertine journey. I hope you enjoy it.”

aRPHe takes as its departure point the ideas of the inner and the outer, enhancing aspects such as secrecy or esotericism, among others. It plays as well with a conception of infinitude as a continuous self-contained situation; in this case, that of a gathering of musicians performing around and towards a vessel, while being inside that same vessel.

Ciertos aspectos privados de la vida derivan su atracción y misterio precisamente del hecho de permanecer en secreto. aRPHe indaga en esta condición de secreto, de lo esotérico como fuente de fascinación. La idea de lo interno y lo externo, condensada en la figura de una vasija, nutren a la obra de su dramaturgia instrumental. Su título inspira y es inspirado, entre otros aspectos, por las cualidades materiales de los tipos sonoros principales de la obra. aRPHe fue un encargo del Nieuw Ensemble, estrenada en Ámsterdam en Febrero de 2015.

⚱Commissioned and premiered by the NIEUW Ensemble (Gregory Charette, cond.).

⚱Further performance by Kelvin-Helmholtz Ensemble (Leonard Kwon, cond.).