for violin and accordion – 2012 – 6′

English Español

for violin and accordion – 2012 – 6′

My good friend the violinist Maria Luisa Rico asked me for a piece to perform in her final bachelor exam. She and her (back then) boyfriend the accordion player Jeremy Herbiniaux were visiting me in Estonia about that time. I found fascinating how we got fluent in communicatin with each other and with everybody else by attaching snippets of Spanish, English, French and Estonian.

I decided to try to knit a musical discourse in a similar way by attaching more or less cliché gestures of different musical styles that Maria Luisa and I had been having in common: flamenco, tango, contemporary music… The gestures were driven together by a lattent linear work based on divergent chromatic lines and a kind of structural recursive segmentation I had begun to try in «Estudio Trio». María Luisa and Jeremy premiered it with great success, as far as I know.

Of course, the piece is dedicated to them.