Aenigmaticum Epitaphium

vocal ensemble, oboe, clarinet, bassoon – 2012 – 15′

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for vocal ensemble(SSS.AAA.TTT.BBB), oboe, clarinet and bassoon – 2012 – 15′

Aenigmaticum Epitaphium is a still unpremiered piece. It was written in 2012 at the request (it was supposed to be a commission) of Karol Kisiel for his vocal ensemble Repertorio Vocale.

The piece is a musical setting of the enigmatic text of a gravestone in Bolonia, Italy. Many scholars since the Renaissance have given different guesses on what the words on it may refer to, many of which point out to alchemical and other esoteric meanings. My approach starts with a setting of the whole text in a quite madrigalistic manner to follow with a musical commentary on the semantics possibilities of the text. It was a great research and lerning experience which ended up in a piece full of covered and open references.

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After not agreeing upon some elements, and arguing «aesthetic differences», Karol emailed me his decission to cancel the performance of the piece. I’m still open for performances.